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†††††††††††††††† CNC MACHINING CENTER -† MX45-VAE Okuma - 5 Axis Indexer

†††††††††††† CNC MACHINING CENTER - Bridgeport VMC 1000 XP3††

†††††††††††† WIRE & SINKER EDM

†††††††††††† CNC LATHES - Hyundai 18S and 8S


†††††††††††† MANUAL MILLS and LATHES

†††††††††††† SURFACE GRINDER

†††††††††††† WELDING† - MIG/TIG & Stick, Steel and Aluminum†



Our inspection department maintains certifications and regular calibrations to ensure that all products meet or exceed the customerís specifications.

What can we do for† you?

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Our production department excels at everything from

prototype to production.